Good Bournemouth Weather – Good Attitude

Good Bournemouth Weather – Good Attitude – Does good Bournemouth weather affect our attitude towards life? I would answer that question with a resounding Yes. If you begin to reflect on the many times in which good weather has soothed and calmed our souls; we would all have to agree that good Bournemouth weather will influence and affect our attitudes. Or, think about the many times you may have heard somebody say take him or her outside so, they can cool off. There is something about the open atmosphere that frees the pent up soul. Or think about the time when people find themselves very upset, What do they do? Sometimes they take a long drive way out in the country where it is scenery, calm and peaceful. Or after a very stressful and exhausting day at work, there is nothing that can compare with a long slow and unwinding walk after a hard days work.

Good Bournemouth Weather - Good Attitude

Many social activities are greatly influenced by the weather that accompanies the day of the special event. For example, a picnic is so much enjoyable on a bright and sunny day. The people at the picnic are more friendly and general in much happier moods when the event is favored with pleasant weather. Also, the kids play more exuberantly and get along much better. Everyone who attends such a picnic willhave a special treasured memory that will be cherished the rest of there lives.

When it comes to good weather, one only needs to think about some of those days at work when you are frustrated and aggravated by a far to heavy work load. The only thought in your mind is; I need to go outside. When you finally get that chance to go outside, you are so relieved; It is almost as if you have step into another dimension, You feel your mind and body begin to unravel and unwind. An amazing thing begins happen while you are outside; your inner battery begins to recharge so that you can face another few hours at the grind stone. I sometimes manage get in a laugh or two in with my co-workers. The whole experience is enhanced by the presence of a bright and sunny day. But, to be honest with you, when it come to work, any break outside is a real blessing and well appreciated.

Who can ever forget a family reunion, when the weather was just prefect and everybody, and I mean everybody was in a good mood and had a good attitude. The bright sunny surrounding on these occasions made the whole affair even more beautiful.You look around, and admire your family and relatives. Uncle Joe on the barbecue, older cousins trying to re live their high school basketball days on the court, younger family members talking about their growing up experiences and the elders, male and female talking about who is sick and who has pass on and who has moved back to the home place. These times and events are forever engrained in the memory when good weather and good attitude have given their stamp of approval on the whole affair. joker123

Good weather plays a big part in our attitudes, and often shapes our general feeling and moods. I can think of many experiences, that were immensely added to by the favor of a pleasant day. I can say in all honesty, that for me, good weather means good attitude.

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